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4 Things to Avoid Doing With Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a fairly common skin condition that affects many individuals throughout the whole world. It is characterized by the rapid build-up of skin cells that result in irritating red scales on the skin. While it is not contagious, members within the same family that have psoriasis tend to show more susceptibility to it, pointing to its plausible genetic component.

This particular skin condition is chronic and tends to shift between stages of flaring-up and subsiding. Although there is no known cure for it, various psoriasis treatments can be done to alleviate its symptoms. On that same note, while it is ultimately a controllable condition, various actions can make the situation much worse than it should be.

To help manage the situation, here are four things you absolutely should not do when you have psoriasis.

Don’t Discredit The Professionals

One of the most important pieces of advice one can follow-up on would be to approach a dermatologist on the onset of psoriasis. Unfortunately, many tend to disregard this, either out of fear, embarrassment, or hopelessness. 

While the symptoms of psoriasis can be actioned upon on your own, your overall health will fare better with the assistance of a medical professional. The condition may not be entirely curable, but a dermatologist may point you towards the best psoriasis treatments currently available for those in your position. You won’t be rid of psoriasis completely but with the latest advancements in medicine, you’ll barely notice that you had it.

Don’t Stress Yourself

Psoriasis can be a stressful thing to have. On top of everything else in your life, the onset of a skin condition can really weigh heavily on your mind. Despite its chronic categorization, however, there are ways to help you live as normally as possible in spite of it—so there’s really no need to worry.

Stress, while a natural part of your everyday life, can actually make your skin condition much worse. While total avoidance of stress may not be possible, you can make things more relaxing and comfortable for yourself to help you not worsen the situation. 

Don’t Scratch It

The worst thing you can do when you have psoriasis is to scratch the scales or lesions. While it may be itchy and annoying, the scales will only get worse if you scratch at it. At its worst, scratching them can end up with you bleeding and getting an infection. The wounds developed from scratching, scrubbing, or picking on the lesions can also develop scarring—simply one thing that any psoriasis treatment can’t help fix.

Don’t Forget to Moisturize

Moisturizing is one of the more important things to remember when you have psoriasis. It can provide some minor relief and respite from the itchiness, so moisturize as regularly as possible. 

Dry skin is more susceptible to psoriasis flare-ups, so neglecting to moisturize every day can put you in a very irritating and itchy position. Short soaks in warm water is a good way to alleviate the discomfort if lotion and creams don’t do the trick. Be wary of spending too much time submerged, though, as excessive time in warm water can actually dry your skin instead of moisturizing it.


Psoriasis may be a life long condition, but careful maintenance and attention can help you alleviate and lessen its flare-ups. Various psoriasis treatments are readily available to treat the symptoms accompanied with it, allowing you to live as normally and comfortably as possible.

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