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5 Common Triggers of Psoriasis Flare-Ups You Need to Avoid

If you have psoriasis, then you're probably dealing with plenty of red patches with white scales on top of them. This can be quite painful at times, especially when you scratch them. While the triggers for psoriasis outbreaks will differ from one individual to the other, it’s universally agreed that no outbreak is pleasant.
Identifying what triggers your condition can be beneficial in helping you understand and avoid a psoriasis outbreak altogether.
That said, here are five of the most common triggers for psoriasis:

Alcohol and Tobacco

Especially common in young men and women, both alcohol and tobacco can trigger the psoriasis flare-ups. In fact, it can even make the symptoms worse.
Additionally, if you're taking medication for psoriasis and drinking alcohol at the same time, it could spell disaster for you, as the combination can have harmful side effects. Put simply: if you have psoriasis, don't drink or smoke! Not only is it bad for your health in general, but it'll only worsen your condition.


While you might be taking specific medications for your psoriasis, there are other drugs out there that can trigger them. For example, medicines that are known to be beta-blockers, such as meds to treat heart disease, can trigger the flares. 
Because of this, always let your doctor know of other medications you're taking when dealing with your psoriasis.


Weather can also cause symptoms to pop up. As we mentioned, however, different people will experience different triggers. Some might have flare-ups triggered by the cold, while others may find themselves flaring up when it’s warm.
To remedy this, observe yourself and the weather outside and figure out which type of weather affects you the most. If it is the cold that causes your skin to start flaring up, make it a point to stay in warmer places instead, and vice versa.


For some people, stress is a major trigger of psoriasis flare-ups. The next time you feel stressed, note down whether the flare-ups occur.
If it does occur, figure out how stressed you were to have an outbreak show up. That way, you can learn how to calm yourself down so that you can avoid reaching that level of stress in the future. Do note that doing this isn’t just for the sake of your skin, but for the sake of your mental health as well.


Injury, especially a skin injury, can cause outbreaks. For example, small cuts and bruises on your skin can trigger major flare-ups. Even getting a tattoo might cause symptoms to start appearing.
Because of this, you should avoid activities that might cause injury to your skin. One way to do this is to wear thicker clothes, especially if you're doing something that puts you at risk of getting cut, such as a hike in the forest.


If you're dealing with psoriasis, keep what we've shared with you in mind. That way, you put yourself as far away from these triggers as possible, to ensure that you limit the number of times you have to deal with an outbreak. 
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