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5 Famous People You Probably Didn’t Know Had Psoriasis - What to Know

If you have psoriasis, you might feel alone in dealing with its symptoms. There are 125 million people in the world with your condition, which sounds like a lot, but that is just two to three percent of the global population.

Fortunately, there are celebrities who have taken it upon themselves to speak out about their condition. If you’re feeling like there are not enough people you know who have this condition, here are five more celebrities who are open about battling this condition.


  1. Kim Kardashian

On a 2011 episode of the reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim opened up about having psoriasis. Kardashian revealed that her mother, Kris Jenner, was diagnosed with the same skin issue.

The Kim Kardashian psoriasis is a hot topic. As she is one of the biggest stars who had been diagnosed with psoriasis, the billionaire celebrity is in a unique position to spread awareness about the condition. She talks about her ailments often, and candidly; from the history of her diagnosis to the makeup she uses to cover up outbreaks, Kim K is not afraid to tell others about what she does to cope.


  1. Jonathan Van Ness

Netflix’s runaway hit Queer Eye reboot has made a household name out of Jonathan Van Ness. He’s not just a hairdresser extraordinaire; he is also candid about his struggles with the ailment. In a 2018 interview with Allure, he said that he wasn’t sure what was going on with him at first; he had to consult multiple doctors to figure out his condition.

JVN learned to love his body after years of processing his flare-ups. In the same Allure interview, he said that it doesn’t bother him when his skin acts up, but that acceptance didn’t happen overnight. He’s definitely more at home in his body today, as you could see in interviews and on his social media.


  1. CariDee English

Before the world ever knew CariDee English as a contestant on Tyra Banks’ America’s Next Top Model, she had already been adept at concealing her flaws and highlighting her good points. Diagnosed at five years old, she used to cope with symptoms by covering her body or getting doctor’s notes to avoid baring her limbs in gym class. At some point, her symptoms were so bad that the flare-ups covered more than two-thirds of her skin.

When she started modeling, she used makeup to hide her lesions. Her condition did not stop her from competing on ANTM, though, and she won the 2006 cycle of the reality show. English takes medication, which cleared up her skin, but she is also open about her condition. Health published before and after photos of her, which she hopes would be an inspiration to anyone currently feeling down about their own symptoms.


  1. Dara Torres

Who said you had to avoid an active lifestyle if you have a chronic ailment? Swimmer Dara Torres, a 12-time Olympic medalist in five different Games, first learned of her condition in the 90s, when she was already a competitive swimmer. 

Since then, she has become an advocate for promoting awareness, as well as giving equal chances for people with the condition. Her core message is that this condition is not contagious, but it’s also not a cosmetic issue. People who suffer from the disease should not have to feel like they are making people uneasy.


  1. LeAnn Rimes

The two-time Grammy winner LeAnn Rimes has always been open with her psoriasis. When she was a young girl, she recalls being teased and called names like “scaly girl.” This prevented her from wearing short dresses, something she carried over even as an adult attending awards shows. At one point, her flare-ups covered 80 percent of her body, but she has since then cleared up her skin with medication and sticking to a healthy lifestyle.


  1. Eli Roth

Horror film director Eli Roth is said to have gotten inspired by his own condition when making his horror film Cabin Fever. The flesh-eating disease in the film is from a bacterial infection, not psoriasis, but his flare-ups were his visual prompt. He reportedly had an outbreak so severe that he couldn’t wear clothes or walk! His condition does not stop him from making movies (Hostel, Knock Knock, and others), or acting in them (Inglorious Basterds).



Having psoriasis is not a death sentence, nor should it make you feel lonely. These celebrities have proven that you can overcome your condition and go on to make great things happen.

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