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CBD and Psoriasis - Can It Work as a Cure for Your Psoriasis?

With the number of total cases worldwide surpassing the 125 million mark, psoriasis has made its impact as a condition that everyone must know how to deal with accordingly.


Generally recognised as an immune system malfunction that is characterised by red, scaly patches as a result of a rapid buildup of skin cells, the condition affects various parts of the body. From the scalp to the knees and elbows, having such a case can affect various parts of the body and can even come to the point of affecting one’s self-esteem—making it even more important to treat the condition in the best way possible.


Thanks to the advent of modern medicine, many treatments have been developed to combat the symptoms of psoriasis. Ranging from herbal treatments to 30-Day treatment systems, each developed, tested, and approved products have helped millions minimise the effects of such a limiting condition.


Out of all the different forms of treatment that have come to light in recent years, however, there’s one form of treatment that has been subject to speculation and curiosity above all else: CBD.


The scoop on CBD


Known formally as cannabidiol, the chemical compound holds a great track record with helping people manage all sorts of conditions, ranging from the purely physical all the way to mental health problems. Derived from marijuana or hemp, CBD is an attractive form of natural treatment because of its lack of serious side effects and a proven effectiveness in treating various conditions.


CBD and psoriasis


When it comes to using CBD for dealing with a case of psoriasis, however, not much research has been made to set the record straight, however, what little research has been done shows great promise. In recent years, CBD has become a sought-after remedy, as it has grown increasingly available all over the world without much interruption from the law because it possesses negligible levels of THC.


Despite the fact that it has been touted as a “new coming” for psoriasis treatments, however, the all-natural cure is still being thoroughly researched in order to solidify and certify its actual effects on solving this red-scaled problem. Beyond formalities and certifications, however, there are a few telling signs that the naturally-occurring compound can effectively fight against psoriasis:

It targets the main causes of the condition

The main reason CBD is an effective solution for the condition itself is because of its ability to limit inflammation and overactive immune functions, which are two main proponents of the condition in question. According to a 2010 study published in Future Medical Chemistry, it was proven to possess strong anti-inflammatory properties that worked well in medical trials involving various diseases associated with inflammation.

It offers a secure, side-effect-free form of pain relief

Given that its pain relief properties are widely known, the compound is an effective alternative for handling sensations of pain and irritation that occur in psoriasis. As opposed to other forms of aggressive pain relief medication that can either worsen the problem or take much longer to work their effects, CBD gets straight to the root cause of the problem, as the topical application provides immediate and effective relief.


Unfortunately, with clinical trials still quite far from the conclusion and recommendations stages, the current status of the marijuana or hemp-derived compound as a go-to treatment and cure is still in limbo.

In the midst of awaiting results, however, it is highly recommended that you seek natural remedies for your psoriasis that are just as effective, certified, and tested.

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