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How to Show Support to Your Loved One Who Has Psoriasis

Plaque psoriasis is a long-term skin condition that affects 1 out of 50 people. It can be found in any part of the body and chronic disease that needs constant treatment to relieve the patient from the discomfort. Plaque psoriasis is red patches with a build-up of dead skin cells that makes it itchy and sometimes causes burning sensations.

Though plaque psoriasis is a skin condition, it is difficult to manage and can take a toll on someone’s life. Having plaque psoriasis can significantly affect one’s mental health because of the challenges it brings to their lives. Here are some ways to help your loved one who suffers from plaque psoriasis:


Be present and listen

People who have psoriasis know they suffer from a chronic skin condition. A common misconception by people who interact with individuals with this condition often downplays and ignores their illness. Ignoring someone’s disease because you think it’ll make them feel better is counterproductive. You’re giving the person more stress and anxiety because you purposely ignore an essential fact about the person.

Listen to their woes and let them know that you are aware of what they are going through. Stress and anxiety are some triggers that could inflame their skin. By reaching out to them and listening, it may decrease the chances of inflammation.


Be with them in this journey

When a loved one has psoriasis, a support system is an incredible part of this person’s life. Do some research and see what you can do together that will help treat their psoriasis.

One way to help treat and prevent psoriasis is by having a healthy lifestyle. You and your loved one can create a healthy routine to make them feel that they aren’t alone. Since stress and anxiety are some triggers of psoriasis, it is best to do meditative yoga practices to ease their mental space. Making health plans, scheduling weekly workouts, and watching your bodyweight can create a stronger bond between you.


Educate yourself

Educating yourself doesn’t only mean doing research, reading up about the condition, or talking to a doctor. Sometimes, speaking directly to your loved one who has this condition and asking them the right question will do you good—it will show them you want to be aware of their health and be informed about what they are going through.

Sometimes people who suffer from this condition aren’t vocal—they may not even open up to anyone if they need support. It’s always better to ask them gently if they need any help in any form. Medical help is often more noticeable than when someone needs emotional support. Always check up on them, how they’re doing physically, and what’s the condition of their headspace.



Having to deal with a long-term skin condition like plaque psoriasis can be difficult for the individual. Daily tasks can be a challenge to accomplish and may cause more mental and physical triggers to their bodies. It’s always an excellent idea to be informed and present in someone’s life who suffers from this condition.


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