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Life With Psoriasis - 4 Tips in Making Morning Walks Easier on You

Psoriasis is a condition that leaves people’s skin dry, flaking and irritated. People who have it can sometimes feel uneasy wearing short-sleeved shirts, shorts, or otherwise uncovering their skin. This is because many of them fear people’s reactions, especially those who do not know anything about the condition.

As a result, this affects their emotional well-being, not to mention their immune system as well. Exposure to sunlight in the early hours of the morning is linked to an increase in Vitamin D production in the body, as well as elevated moods. If you’re hiding from the sun, you will be lacking in these benefits.

Unfortunately, sun exposure can also worsen psoriasis symptoms. If you’re struggling with this condition but want to catch some rays, here are four ways to help you do it safely:


1. Wear breathable fabric in light colours

Covering up to protect your skin is the easiest way to get your dose of morning sunshine. Not only do you prevent further irritation, but you also keep yourself away from sunburns and lower your risk of contracting melanoma.

Furthermore, you could choose lighter colours and looser weaves, such as bleached cotton, that allow UVB rays to pass through. Controlled sun exposure has been shown to help reduce psoriasis outbreaks, and lightweight fabrics have the added benefit of cooling down the skin.


2. Use scarves or wraps to conceal outbreaks

You can use accessories for areas that you don’t want to expose. Scarves around the neck, head wraps, or other similar accents can help you move about outdoors without becoming self-conscious. When you feel comfortable enough, do keep patches of outbreaks uncovered for short amounts of time to help you get enough UVB.


3. Go out for short periods of time only

Keep in mind that natural sun therapy does not have to be for too long. In fact, you can sufficiently get your sunlight in five to ten minutes before ducking right back indoors. See if you can increase the amount of time you can stay outdoors but monitor yourself for adverse reactions. You can also choose earlier hours, such as the early mornings since people are less likely to be out and about during this time of day.

If you’re feeling very self-conscious, you can use a playlist as a timer. Walk around your neighbourhood to some of your favourite songs, or the latest episode of your current podcast. Just a couple of tracks’ worth of movement is enough to last you the entire day.


4.  Practice your explanation

Most people who are rude about a condition just don’t know much about it, to begin with. People often get awkward around things they don’t understand; some ask insensitive questions, others assume that you’re contagious, and others will just stare openly. If you’re prepared with a quick explanation of the condition, you can minimise everyone’s discomfort.

Walking with a friend can also help. They can be the one to ease you into a conversation with someone who looks like they have a couple of thoughts about your appearance. Alternatively, they can distract you from having to deal with others on your walks. 



People with this condition can understandably be shy about exposing their skin. Getting some sunshine is important for health, so give the tips mentioned above a try the next time you have to go out.

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