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The Benefits of Joining Psoriasis Support Groups to Relieve Your Anxiety

Living with psoriasis can be frustrating as the chronic, inflammatory disease can flare up any time, bring a path of raised, red patches to spread around the knees, feet, hands, elbows, and scalps. Some struggle with psoriasis inside their mouths, genitals, or joints, compromising the quality of living as it often brings feelings of discomfort, embarrassment, and depression. 

7.5 million people are dealing with psoriasis daily in the United States alone. While it’s easy to feel isolated in your condition, it helps to be around like-minded individuals who understand the same challenges you have to face. 

With that in mind, joining a psoriasis support group is the best way to have the social support system you need.


Why You Should Join a Psoriasis Support Group 

The understanding and emotional support you can get with people who live with the same struggle as you do can be comforting, which is what makes support groups compelling in the first place.

The effects of psoriasis on a person’s mindset can be devastating as it’s easy to feel lost in your insecurity about appearances on top of treating the physical discomfort that comes with it. Psoriasis can impact a person’s psychological and physical state, which is why participating in a support group is a healthy step to confronting these frustrations.

Some of the benefits you can also expect when joining a psoriasis support group includes the following:


  • You can have a group of people who will listen to you vent about your feelings without judgement. Think of it like a sounding board where you can share your thoughts and frustrations in a safe environment. 
  • The fact that the people listening to you can relate means you can feel empathy for and from others. With the knowledge that you’re all in this together, you can have a deeper connection with others who can help you fight the condition as a group. 
  • While a support group can’t give medical advice, they can provide management suggestions that have helped improve their daily living. Some of these strategies may be worth exploring. 
  • A support group is also the best place to look for reliable sources - be it a therapist, medication, or new doctor. There’s nothing more convincing than word-of-mouth, after all, so these suggestions can help expand your connections.


The Bottom Line: Finding a Support Group Online or In Your Community 

If you’re ready to share your frustrations and care for others with your condition, you can easily find psoriasis support groups online and in person. Traditionally, you can ask your doctor if they know any support groups in your community, especially since many hospitals host them.

If you feel there’s no support group in your area, you don’t need to get stumped and stop your search. Instead, you can start a support group of your own and create the opportunity to help like-minded individuals in your community. 

Of course, you also have the flexibility to find meet-ups online or even join a virtual support group where you can all participate in video calls. This is the perfect choice for introverts who want to open up in the comforts of their own homes. 

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