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Treatment System

A Healthy Outside Starts From The Inside

Relieve your chronic skin condition naturally with Psolace with visible relief in as little as 30 days

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What is Psolace?

Psolace is a 30 day food supplement treatment system which includes 7 highly effective products in the form of powders, capsules and a topical skin cream that are used daily to get rapid relief from the symptoms caused by skin conditions such as psoriasis in the form of scalp, nail, plaqueguttate, pustular, and inverse psoriasis. It comes with a detailed step-by-step instruction guide and a range of healthy gut cleansing recipes to ensure you get the best results, fast. 

What exactly is the difference between a Psolace 30 day treatment system and other psoriasis medications?

Prescribed medicines simply mask the symptoms, but Psolace is very different. It is a 100% natural food supplement treatment system that is made up of powerful herbs and botanicals that are proven to bring rapid relief by detoxing and healing the root cause from deep within your body.

Prescribed Medications vs. Psolace Natural Treatment

Psolace Natural Treatment
Prescribed Medications

Cause Skin Allergy & Reactions: May trigger or worsen skin disorders due to chemical ingredients.

Can Be Toxic To Skin: Toxins accumulate in skin over time (risk of cancer).

Not Safe For Sensitive Skin: Harsh effects of synthetic steroids too strong for skin.

Long Term Damage: Depletes the skin's natural elastin production and permanently thins skin or causes discolouration.

Immune System Suppressant: Tiredness, nausea, low white blood cell count.

Liver and Kidney: Known to cause liver disease and kidney disorders.

Better For Your Skin: No known skin allergies, only natural healing and soothing effects with proven ingredients.

Not Toxic To Skin: Safe, plant derived ingredients that enable healthy skin.

Safe For All Skin Types: Promotes healthy skin with essential natural nutrients.

Promotes Youthful Skin: High in antioxidants to slow down free radical build up.

Builds Immune System: Includes ingredients clinically proven to boost immune function.

Strengthens Internal Organs: Includes powerful detoxifying, anti-inflammatory and nourishing ingredients.

“Changing the lives of people with psoriasis”

Here's what you'll get

Relieves symptoms in under 30 days

Safe alternative to prescribed medicines

One easy treatment kit

Quality Guarantee

Why we created Psolace

Psolace products were created by a psoriasis sufferer after a lifelong personal struggle of living with the debilitating symptoms and trying to manage the physical flare-ups as well as the psychological burdens of the disease.

Loryn, the co-founder of Psolace, suffered from psoriasis from childhood and experienced severe emotional and physical effects of the disease. She searched and tried every known prescribed medicine for this skin condition which provided little to no success, but instead left her with awful, and in some cases, permanent damaging side-effects.

Through her struggles, she made a profound decision to no longer allow herself to live in pain and misery and decided that she would find a natural psoriasis treatment to effectively heal her skin condition. Together with her partner, Miguel, she found and tested many different herbal and botanical ingredients on herself and was able to discover and create her very own unique and powerful formulation that for once actually worked and drastically transformed her life in less than 30 days.

Loryn is now living the life she always wanted, her confidence is up, her skin is clear, and her condition is now under control and for the first time in almost 40 years, she has not had a recurring flare up for a few years.

How to take Psolace

  • Cleansing

    Before noon

    Take 3 different powders up to midday 

    No other food to be consumed 

    Drink prescribed amount of water

  • Eating


    Take 3 different capsules with meals up to 8pm

    Stick to the allowed foods only 

    Follow our diet plan

  • Soothing

    Throughout the day

    Apply cream after showering/bathing to lock in moisture

    Throughout the day whenever itchy / discomfort

    Apply cream before going to bed


What our customers are saying

“I can honestly say that this treatment system changed my life in such a profound way. Having severely suffered from guttate psoriasis for the past 20 years of my life i truly felt helpless and was almost always in some form of discomfort, continually searching for the best medicine for psoriasis. Psolace was the ONLY psoriasis treatment that not only worked, but also taught me so much about the importance of what a good diet can do for your body, which ultimately helped me improve the health of my gut.”

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"I was so sick and tired of all the 'wonder' skin problem solutions that my doctor kept prescribing fro my psoriasis symptoms...none of them worked.

I found the Psolace Psoriasis treatment kit on the internet and was sceptical at first, but was desperate for a cure and so I gave it a try. I was shocked to see such positive changes after a few days of taking the products and from what I've seen so far I'm confident that they will continue to bring real relief. The products were so easy to use, tasted great and the recipes in the diet plan were so healthy. In my opinion this is the best psoriasis treatment by far!"

"I was so desperate to find a way to clear my skin and literally searched for years for psoriasis products that I believed would actually work...I tried everything under the sun (including steroid cream and other prescription medicines) and none of them helped.

What I really love about these products is that instead of having to spend a lot of money buying many separate supplements, I found them all in this one psoriasis skincare treatment system which saved me a small fortune! They were all so easy to take and worked surprisingly fast."


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