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Psolace product key ingredients

Supplement your diet with the right nutrients

Psolace products contain a 100% natural, carefully mixed blend of herbal and botanical ingredients and nutrients necessary to heal internally and externally, and help provide powerful, rapid relief from chronic skin conditions—especially when combined with the right foods and alkaline water.

Find information here about many of the key ingredients in Psolace products, including their purposes and clinical benefits.

01 { Cleanse+

Clinical Proof

Read more about psyllium in this clinical article.

02 { Balance+

Clinical Proof

Read more about the health benefits of cinnamon.

Read more about the proven health benefits of ginger and clinical uses.

Read more about the health benefits of lemon.

03 { Nourish+

Clinical Proof

Read about the effects of moringa on the skin in this clinical study

04 { Glow+

Clinical Proof

Read more about alfalfa.

05 { Antioxidant+

Clinical Proof

Read more about the health benefits of black pepper

Read more about the uses and benefits of milk thistle.

Read more about slippery elm in this clinical article.

06 { Support+

Clinical Proof

Read more about bromelain powder.

Read more about past and present-day uses of flaxseed in this clinical article

Read more about chicory in this clinical overview.

Read more about some of the health benefits of liquorice root

07 { Soothing

Clinical Proof

Read more about borage oil

Read more about the benefits of CB*D oil and clinical information.

Read more about the effects of coconut oil and clinical information.

Read more about the health benefits of Oregon grape root.

Read more about the anti-inflammatory effects of nettle in this clinical article.


A healthy outside, starts from the inside

Many psoriasis sufferers treat their symptoms by using only external treatments such as creams which, in almost all cases, will provide very little success.  Science has shown that the human gut is more complex than previously thought. It has a massive impact on whole-body health, which is why when treatment is aimed at cleansing the gut, the body can heal from within. This in turn promotes a healthy external appearance, a strong immune system, heart health, brain health, improved mood, healthy sleep, and effective digestion, all very essential to help people with an autoimmune disease.

Clinical Evidence

Nutritional FAQ

Is Psolace Gluten-free?

Yes, absolutely. All products in our range are gluten free.

Is Psolace Vegan friendly?

Yes, absolutely. All ingredients in our product range are vegan friendly, except for honey, which we use in product 2 (Balance+).

Does Psolace contain any allergens?

No, all products in our range do not contain any common allergens, however, please be sure to check all our ingredients carefully to confirm if they are suited to you.

Is Psolace made from natural ingredients?

Yes, all ingredients in our product range are 100% natural.

Does Psolace have any artificial sweeteners, flavours, colours, preservatives or additives?

No! The ingredients in all our products are 100% natural with absolutely nothing artificial.

Is Psolace organic?

Some ingredients in our products are organic. We understand the importance and health benefits of organic produce and so we’re working hard towards making all the ingredients used in our product range organic. Check back soon to see our development on this!

Is Psolace suitable for children?

Whilst all the ingredients used in our product range are 100% natural, the dosages used in our formulations are unfortunately not suitable for babies or children. We are currently working on an exciting new range of products specifically suited for children. Check back soon to see our development on this!

Is Psolace suitable for pregnant / nursing women?

Unfortunately our products are not suitable for pregnant / nursing women.

Is this safe to take with other medication?

All our ingredients are 100% natural and safe to take, however, please consult with you Doctor prior to taking.

Is Psolace suitable for diabetics?

While all our ingredients are safe and 100% natural, your body will be going through an element of fasting and detoxification which may cause your blood sugar levels to change and so it is always strongly advisable that you seek advice from your Doctor before proceeding with this 30 day treatment system.

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