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3 Ways Anyone With Psoriasis Can Stay Safe Amidst the COVID-19 Crisis

One of the biggest misconceptions that people tend to have about psoriasis, regardless of whether they have it or not, is that it’s a condition that only affects the aesthetics of the skin, with no other repercussions. 

While the condition is often recognized by red, scaly patches of skin, this is only a surface-level symptom, as psoriasis can also affect other systems in the body, especially the immune system.

Individuals with Psoriasis are At Risk

As the coronavirus (or COVID-19) continues to spread, individuals being treated for psoriasis are at greater risk of contracting the virus. The danger of having the condition in these trying times is due to the medications used to treat psoriasis symptoms, as these medicines are immunosuppressive in nature, leading to a greater risk of contracting COVID-19. 

While the standard prescriptions used in treating the condition are effective at reducing the immune system’s internal overreaction, an unfortunate side effect is that it limits the immune system from performing as well as it should.

With the help of a few key practices, however, you can keep yourself safe and healthy in the midst of the global pandemic without having to compromise a consistent psoriasis treatment. To stay prepared while keeping both your body and its immune system under control, here are a few simple yet effective tips worth incorporating into your daily routine: 


Always maintain good hygiene

Given the nature of the virus as a condition that can easily spread through physical contamination of surfaces, it’s clear that the best way to keep your immune system safe and sound is to maintain good hygiene. 

Sanitize constantly with alcohol-based sanitizers, wear gloves at all times, avoid physical contact, and take a bath or shower at least twice a day. By doing this, you can protect your weakened immune system from contracting the virus. Additionally, not touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with your hands will go a long way in avoiding any risk of infection.


Stock up on turmeric, vitamin C, and kale

If there were three staple ingredients that you could rely on to help build your body’s antiviral resistance, that would be turmeric, kale, and vitamin C. Each of these ingredients play a key role in any kind of balanced diet, as these ingredients have much to do in improving the body’s immune system. Not just that, but turmeric, vitamin C, and kale possess anti-inflammatory properties that are great for relieving psoriasis


Treat your psoriasis with a natural, custom-made 30-Day Treatment System

As discussed in the last point, a natural approach that counteracts the hurdles posed by psoriasis medicines can go a long way in keeping one’s health safe and sound—even more so with the help of Psolace’s own 30-Day Treatment System!

With the use of a uniquely-formulated, 100 percent vegan system, you can aid your body’s own natural healing properties and defence system, staying healthy and relieving your condition all at the same time. Instead of relying solely on prescribed medicine to treat your psoriasis, supplementing your regimen with all seven products in the Psolace package can make for a more holistic and effective treatment.


With COVID-19 upon us and with no signs of stopping anytime soon, dealing with psoriasis can put you at risk. Hopefully, with the tips we’ve listed above, you can avoid any potential complications all while improving your skin in the long run.

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