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4 Home Remedies You Can Use to Treat Psoriasis - Our Guide

Did you know that about two per cent of the population in the UK is suffering from psoriasis? While this condition can start at any age, it mostly develops among men and women, mostly under 35 years old. While it varies from one person to another, psoriasis can be characterised by the red, flaky, crusty patches of skin covered with silvery scales, caused by the increased production of skin cells.


If you are suffering from this condition, there are a handful of chronic skin condition treatments that you can resort to. As far as psoriasis is concerned, various home remedies can also be used to treat this condition.


In this article, we will share four home remedies you should consider as alternative treatments for your psoriasis:


1.  Fish oil for reduced inflammation and immunity-boost


The fish oil that is deemed healthy is typically sourced from salmon, albacore tuna, and other fatty fishes. First, it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids that can reduce inflammation effectively. As inflammation impacts psoriasis, taking omega-3 diminishes your skin condition. Second, some studies found that fish oil can boost the immune system as well. As psoriasis is an autoimmune disease, fish oil intake can help address this skin problem.


For those who are vegan, however, fish oil may not be an appealing remedy. Consider Psolace’s Complete Treatment Kit instead—it’s vegan, vegetarian, all-natural, and even gluten-free!


2.  Yoga for psoriatic arthritis


Yoga involves the practice of breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures for health and relaxation. For these reasons, it is such a great stress reliever that can uplift those with a skin condition that deals with itch and pain. Most importantly, yoga helps treat psoriatic arthritis through a range of motion exercises. With breathing, stretching, and strengthening movements, it can help address psoriasis flares.


3.  Massage therapy for stress-relief


Various studies suggest that stress can trigger psoriasis symptoms. As a result, people who are suffering from this skin chronic condition often feel much little better when they manage their stress levels well. This is where massage therapy comes into the picture, which entails the manipulation of your soft tissues and muscles using different techniques to treat body stress and pain. As it proves to be beneficial in treating other types of chronic pain, this therapy can also address psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.


4.  Diet modification for proper nourishment


In 2017, the Indian Journal of Dermatology published that people suffering from psoriasis have an increased risk of celiac disease. This disease is also an autoimmune condition in which gluten causes inflammation that can damage the small intestine. The report explains why some people feel better after eating a gluten-free diet. For this reason, you should modify your diet to help you feel better despite having psoriasis.


As mentioned above, Psolace’s treatment kit is all-natural and gluten-free!




Whether you opt for fish oil, yoga exercises, massage therapy, or diet modification, be sure to use one that will best suit your needs.


Have you tried other home remedies to treat and cure your psoriasis but aren’t working quite well? Get in touch with us today at Psolace for the best psoriasis treatment!