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A 3-Step Morning Routine to Curb Psoriasis and Start Your Day Well

Characterized by the red, scaly patches it causes over time, psoriasis is a condition that affects the lives of millions all around the world that has proven to be a debilitating experience.

Seeing that it takes quite a toll on one’s self-esteem and comfort, the condition hampers the quality of life in a wide variety of ways. Unfortunately, a successful and effective cure for the skin condition itself has yet to be found, but that doesn’t mean that you can only helplessly let it take over your life. 

One of the most effective ways to combat the symptoms of psoriasis is by using a continuous treatment in masking problem areas all over the body. By taking the right steps to prepare, you can manage the symptoms flawlessly to feel better about how you look, even more so when you start your day right with a proper masking routine. 

If you’ve been meaning to get a jump start on managing the side effects of the condition, here’s a quick and detailed morning routine that you can use to prevent psoriasis from ruling your life:

Step #1: Start by washing up

The secret to overcoming the itchiness and soreness that comes with red, scaly patches is to thoroughly clean the entire area and let your skin start the day off as fresh and hydrated as possible. 

To start the routine, put a drop of mild cleanser on a soft washcloth and gently rub away at the areas of the patches to gently scrub off flaking skin. With the help of a simple scrub, you can give your skin a smoother look that will help with applying makeup, lotion, or any other topical cream or ointment.

Step #2: Prepare the skin with a bit of Cleanse and Balance

Now that you’ve gotten all the flakes out of the way, prepare your skin by opening up your Psolace 30-Day Treatment System and using the Cleanse and Balance powders. 

The Cleanse+ powder, when taken as soon as you wake up, is guaranteed to take care of the internal factors related to psoriasis by cleaning out toxins and impurities from within, leading to clearer skin. The Balance+ powder, on the other hand, should be taken 45 minutes right after to further improve the liver functioning and digestion to further aid in the body’s detox process!

Step #3: Treat the head with scalp oil and medicated shampoo

Once you’ve finally finished treating your skin, now it’s time to deal with the scalp and hair with the use of scalp oil and medicated shampoo. If you have any scales on your forehead, nape, hairline, or behind your ears, it is essential to first treat and soften them with the help of coconut, peanut, or olive oil. Massaging a small amount on your scalp or problem areas and wrapping your head in a towel for 30 minutes will help loosen up the scales enough to be easily removed.

After applying the oil on the scales in your scalp and head areas, scrub off the scales and refresh your scalp with some medicated shampoo. Should you find yourself being a bit iffy with the medicated smell, feel free to follow up with a bit of regular shampoo to help refresh your hair right after!


Taking up the right morning routine can significantly help with managing the effects of psoriasis by prepping the body and skin to help combat the condition itself. You can do all these while making it far easier to feel more confident about yourself!

Looking to relieve the effects of psoriasis with minimal maintenance and all-natural ingredients? Give our custom-made 30-day treatment system a try and feel an effective, all-natural form of relief within the span of a month!