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A Simple Guide to Allowing Kids With Psoriasis to Enjoy Their Childhood

Kids deserve a happy childhood, enjoying activities with friends or learning how to socialize outside of their homes. However, growing up with a chronic skin condition like psoriasis can sometimes hinder this.

What is psoriasis?

Psoriasis is often seen as red, scaly patches on one’s skin. However, it is more than a skin condition. There is no determined cause or diagnosis yet, but research says genetics and the immune system play a big role behind the cause of psoriasis.

The condition occurs when a person’s skin cells grow at a rapid rate. This fast cell buildup causes the scaling of the skin. Fortunately, though the condition may be genetic, it is not contagious. Unlike other skin conditions, you can’t get psoriasis from touching people who have it.

Thus, psoriasis shouldn’t hinder people, and especially children, from living life to the fullest. However, people with psoriasis experience burns, stings, and itchiness. Their condition can flare-up due to different triggers. Triggers can vary widely from person to person, but most commonly include stress, exposure to chemicals or allergens, a cut or scrape, alcohol consumption, and much, much more.

For parents of children with psoriasis, this might cause worry. However, if you recognize the triggers, flare-ups become something that you can easily prevent from happening.

How to prepare your child with psoriasis for an out-of-home activity?

By this time, you might have an idea of the best psoriasis treatment for your child, or you might already have trusted home remedies for psoriasis always at the ready. What you need to do next is to make the necessary preparations to ensure your child gets to enjoy their time with friends. 

Before your child heads out, here are some things to do to ensure they can enjoy their time out without worrying about a flare-up: 


  1. Contact the host
    When your child is invited to a gathering or any social activity outside your home, make sure you get to talk to the other parents or the activity’s host. Preparing on your own is good, but informing the adult at the gathering about your child’s condition will also bring you some peace of mind.

  2. Prepare your emergency kit
    Your child must have all their needed cleansers, moisturizers, and chronic skin medications in one bag. Should their condition get triggered, they should be able to treat it immediately. If you are not allowed to stay within the premises, including clear and detailed instructions about the medications. Add your mobile number too for easy contact.

  3. Give them their own ‘skincare’ tools
    For activities that will require a sleepover, it is best to prepare your child’s own bath items and sleeping kit. Although psoriasis isn’t infectious, your kid’s skin is different from others. They would need their own hypoallergenic soaps, bedsheets, and pillows. This will prevent any likely flare-ups.

  4. Make sure your child is comfortable
    Pack loose clothing for your child or bring a humidifier—whichever best fits the season. Think of all potential situations and work in advance to avoid them. This will require patience and effort, but you’ll need to trust that letting your child experience and enjoy life outside will be rewarding.

  5. Encourage your child to eat healthy foods 
    Eating the incorrect foods will cause a flare-up. Encourage your child to avoid foods such as potatoes, tomatoes, dairy, fizzy drinks, red meat, processed foods, wheat, and all nightshade foods. Foods with high acidic levels are very bad for psoriasis and should be avoided. It is important to also encourage your child to drink only water to help neutralise the alkaline balance in their body.  



No chronic skin condition should make your child feel like any less of a person. Let them have fun too!

As a parent, the best thing you can do is to make sure that you prepare your child well and find the best psoriasis treatment available for them - contact us today to learn more!